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Meet the Animals

Our animals can't wait to meet your guests. Your friends and family will enjoy the delight of petting, feeding, brushing, and sharing love with our irresistibly friendly animals.

Turn your event into a unique and unforgettable experience with Joy Journey Farms!

Set Ups Available

Pen Trailer Set Up

The Pen Trailer is a brand new trailer upgrade in July of 2022. Guests are able to walk through our trailer to pet, feed, and brush our friendly animals! Our new trailer allows everything except the bunny and chicken pen to remain comfortably in pens on the trailer. Perfect to keep guests dry in the event of rain! The pen trailer is equipped with large fans, and a heater to keep our animals comfortable all year round. The trailer is equipped with ramps for easy entry and exit. This is a great option for events on pavement and larger events. We will need 70 feet of space for the length of the truck/trailer and ramps down.  

Kid with cow
Petting farm
Kid petting animals

Grass Set Up

For the grass set up, we set up all the pens on grass outside of the trailer. If conditions require, we set up canopies over the pens and use fans for the animals. If fans are needed, we will need access to a power source within 100 feet. The truck and trailer must be within 20 feet of the set-up location and the pens must be set up on grass. If animals will not be within 20 feet of the set-up location, Joy Journey Farms must be notified before signing the contract so that proper arrangements can be made (a fee will apply). A flat grassy area 20 ft. x 20 ft. minimum is required for this set up. Here is a video of the grass set up.

Kids with animals
Dad with kid and animals
Grass set up

Grass Set Up with Camel

If you are booking the camel for your event, you must choose the grass set up. For the safety and comfort of our Camel "Roscoe", he requires a special trailer to transport to and from our farm. This trailer requires extra space and area so please confirm with Joy Journey Farms about your events spacing capabilities to host Roscoe and his friends. (Truck plus trailer length = 70 feet)

Mom and baby with Roscoe, the camel
Boy with Roscoe, the camel
Girl with Roscoe, the camel
People with Roscoe, the camel

Our family-friendly Mobile Petting Farm is fun for all ages

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