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Cancellation & Weather Policy

Cancellation & Weather Policy

Cancellation Policy
Normal Cancellation Policy: The Client may choose to cancel their event up to 24 hours before
the start of their event with a cancellation fee of 50% of the contracted event price.

If your event was booked through a 3rd party agency such as but not limited to, any prepaid funds through these 3rd party agencies will be subject to the
cancellation policy listed at the time of booking on their platform. Our cancellation policy will
then be in place for any remaining balance due.

Exceptions for weather:
If the weather looks like it may hinder the event, the Client is responsible for contacting
Joy Journey Farms to discuss possible options.

In the event that weather causes a cancellation Between 12 hours - 36 hours before the
scheduled event start time the Client may reschedule the event within the same calendar
year. The full payment must be paid by the original event date but will be held as a credit for the
new date. The client may reschedule 1 time for weather without incurring any additional charges.
The Client gives Joy Journey Farms permission to halt operations of Joy Journey Farms’s services
at their discretion due to weather or civil unrest. Joy Journey Farms will resume operations at

their discretion if time allows and it is safe for both guests and the animals.

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